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Put your website through its paces with a Website Physical

Whether your website is new or it’s been a while since you updated your design or content. A Website Physical is a great way to make sure your website is connecting with your customers. Sign up today and our experts will put it through its paces.

What do you get with a Website Physical?

Our website design and content experts will review your website, search performance and user experience. We’ll add HotJar to your website and track the way that your users are interacting with your pages. Then, we’ll produce a report with our recommendations on actions that you could take to improve your performance.

Our reports are easy to follow without technical jargon that could get in the way of you understanding the opportunities. Our team will talk you through the results in a 1:1 meeting that helps you get to grip with ways to keep your website performing as your customers expect.

What does it look like?

Our report has four sections:


Content audit

We review the content on your website and provide feedback, then give you some ideas for how you could improve and develop your content going forward. We’ll give you the benefit of our expertise so you can finetune your content to suit your audience.


SEO audit

We’ll run an SEO audit on your website to make sure it’s properly set up and ready to perform. Then we’ll turn our findings into recommendations so you can improve your search performance with quick fixes and long term strategies.


HotJar audit

We load HotJar onto your website for free then review your user journeys so we can see what’s working well and what isn’t, as potential customers interact with your website. We’ll talk you through the videos we track and show you opportunities for improvement.


User Experience audit

We review the flow of information available to your customers and check that there’s plenty of opportunities for them to find what they need and complete the goals that you set on your website. We’ll suggest quick changes and highlight bigger opportunities to match your website to your customer’s needs.

Who can benefit from a Website Physical?

If your website is important to your business growth; it needs to deliver results. Anyone with a website can benefit from regularly running a Website Physical and checking content, design and SEO performance.

For the best results, we recommend running a Website Physical once a year. Search engine algorithms change daily and customer expectations never stay the same for long. Keep your website moving in the right direction with an annual Website Physical.

After a start-up for a new venture we decided to get an evaluation of our website to see if we were on track. Caddie Digital undertook the audit and the depth of information and advice we received in the report was amazing.

We were able to see the good the bad and the downright ugly and received great advice regarding the functionality, and focus of what our business was and how to get where it was going into the future. The biggest change has been in the content.

We received a comprehensive and easy to understand report on how it felt for our customers to use, how well everything was working and how effective our set-up was along with recommendation on how to improve areas that needed it.

We now have a much better looking and functioning site with a better insight on how the future looks for our business. We highly recommend contacting Jodi and the team if you are wanting to improve your online presence and performance.

Turn your Website Physical into actions and improvements

A Website Physical is a great opportunity to get expert feedback on your website setup and user experience.

Our comprehensive report can be taken back to your website design team or you can ask us to help make some changes. Either way, you know your website will be performing better and your customers will start getting the experience they are looking for.

Subscribe and save with our Website Physical plan

Just like your car needs a service regularly, keeping your website in good running order can add real value to your business.

That’s why we’re offering you a chance to subscribe for our ongoing Website Physical Plan and save 10%. Choose from an annual or bi-annual subscription and relax, safe in the knowledge that our experts will be having a close look at your website regularly and helping you optimise it for the best results.

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Sign up is easy. Fill in our quick form to register your interest and we'll be in touch to discuss the timing of your first Website Physical.

Moving to our caddie digital hosting service is free and easy, and gives you access to our team, our expertise, and regular reports on your website's performance. Want to make the switch? You can find out about our hosting service and sign up here.

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