Time for a content refresh?


When did you last update the content on your website? While a lot of businesses invest time and energy in new content when they launch their website, the number who keep that content up-to-date as time passes is a lot less.

So why should you be planning in a content refresh? Investing in good, fresh content comes with lots of benefits for you as a business, and for your customers. Let’s take a quick look at 4 reasons why you should take time to update your website’s content.

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1. Your content needs to stay relevant.

How quickly does your business change? If you’ve updated your products or services since launching your website, it’s important that the information you’re sharing keeps your customers informed about exactly what you can offer.

Does your website tell your customers who works for your business? Unless you’re very lucky, you may have had team members leave since setting up your About Us information on your website. Making sure your customers always know who is available to help them is an important part of keeping your content up to date.

2. Fresh content gives you a better search engine ranking

When you search for information online, the highest ranking responses are from companies who have posted content within the last year. Try it today and see for yourself: fresh content just ranks better.

That’s because on a simple level, search engines rank you for your ability to provide the information that people are looking for. If your customer asks a question today, the most recent information is more likely to hold the most accurate answer. Therefore if you invest in answering the questions your customers are likely to be asking with fresh content, you give your business the opportunity to improve its search engine ranking and outperform your competitors.

3. Are you evolving your customer’s relationship with your business?

If a customer has bought your service or product once, they’re more likely to buy it – or related services – again. But how will you keep them coming back to your website to find out more about what you offer?

Fresh, relevant content can help your customers to get more from the products and services that you offer. If you’re a food producer you can help customers find more ways to use your products with recipes, dietary guides and cooking tips. If you clean windows you can provide support to help customers keep their windows clear between washes. If you’re a mechanic you could help customers understand how to get the best performance out of their engines.

You can create a relationship with your customers by sharing your expertise and demonstrating the power of your product in multiple ways. This content will give customers more reasons to return to your website and purchase your product.

4. Content can generate leads, if you keep it fresh.

If you’re using a lead generation tool like a downloadable lead magnet, it’s important to refresh your content regularly to ensure you’re keeping it relevant and new. Asking potential customers to share their information to access your content requires that your content is worth having. Try not to use a ‘set and forget’ strategy and instead consider how you can evolve your content to keep engaging and attracting new customers to your business.

How often should you update your content?

With content, there’s no doubt that fresh is best. Regular blogs and articles are an effective way to stay in touch with your target audience and improve your user experience.

If you find it hard to prioritise keeping content up to date, try creating a content plan to keep you on track and remind you to regularly add new information. If you’re still struggling to find the time, hire a writer to manage your content and keep adding fresh content as frequently as you can.

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