Five steps before Google Ads


Thinking about investing in Google Ads? Google Ads are a smart addition to your marketing toolkit and a great way to bring new customers to your business. In this Caddie Techtalk we’re going to help you prepare for the best campaign results by sharing five steps we recommend you take before starting Google Ads.

Step 1: Identify your goals
Google Ads are a targeted and highly measurable form of marketing. Before you put money in, we recommend you identify exactly what you want to get out at the other end. Defining your target audience and how many sales you want to bring to your business will also help Caddie to design and build the best campaign.

Step 2: Review your website
Does your website need a little TLC? Take a careful look and work out if you need to do some housekeeping before you start advertising. Make the most of your investment and make sure your website is up to date, functions on all devices, and fulfils your customers’ needs.

Step 3: Set up Google Analytics
We recommend that you have Google Analytics working on your website before you start running Google Ads. That’s because we want to know exactly how potential customers behave when they visit your site.

Google Analytics allows us to make sure the leads you’re paying for are turning into actual sales that benefit your bottom line. And it provides us with the information we need to make changes quickly if they don’t.

Step 4: Create the best content
Setting up Google Ads is a great opportunity to wow new customers with the amazing, informative content on your website. If that’s not how you think of the words on your pages, it might be worth investing in a refresh.

Your content needs to connect your Google Ad campaign to your website, and then convert your lead into a sale. Rich, relevant content will also help you make the most of organic searches to drive customers to your business.

Step 5: Prepare to convert your leads
We always like to ask our clients how they’re planning on converting leads into sales – before they start their Google Ads campaign. If your sales team is on holiday then now’s not the time to ask everyone to pick up the phone. Take a moment to review where your website is directing your customers to. Make sure you can manage the volume of leads you’re hoping to achieve.

Time to talk to Caddie?
Creating a top performing Google Ad campaign can be as much about the right preparation as it is about smart execution. The good news is that Caddie has the skills to help with both.

Caddie is a Google Partner with over 15 years combined experience in creating successful Google Ad campaigns. If you’re looking for intelligence online, give us a call today.

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