Every website needs these four features


Do you want your website to be successful and attract the right customers? However big or small your online space, there are some features that every website should include. Let’s take a closer look at four features your website can’t afford to be without.

1. Responsive design

In 2023 more people will access websites from their mobiles than from desktop computers. Responsive websites adapt and adjust to maintain the display quality and functionality for any screen size.

If your website hasn’t been set up to adjust to mobile browsing; you’re less likely to be able to connect with customers searching for your products or services.

Test your website today to find out if it’s mobile friendly.

2. Fast loading speed

Is your website loading fast enough? Customers don’t like it when website pages take a long time to load – in fact they often drop out if the experience is too slow.

Loading speed has become an important factor for ranking websites in organic search. You may be penalised if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load. If you don’t know the loading speed of your website; you can test it using this handy tool from Google.

3. Security

Cybersecurity issues are an ever-present threat. If you want customers to interact with your website then SSL encryption is a must. Having a secure website also positively impacts your organic search ranking. Security measures like two-factor authentication can be used to build trust and protect your customers.

4. Social proof

Social proof is your opportunity to demonstrate to potential customers that you’re better than the competition. As soon as you start selling your product or service it’s important to find ways to gather and share customer feedback. This social proof is a powerful tool to demonstrate your authenticity and your expertise.

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