Benefits of Local SEO



Even if you never sell a single product online, you cannot afford to ignore the internet. Whether you run a local taxi service, a car wash or a retail boutique, the web is how many people will find you.

If you want those web browsers to find your business and walk through your doors, you need to optimise your site for search engine traffic. This process is known as search engine optimisation, or SEO for short, but local brick and mortar businesses need a specific type of SEO.

Local SEO has some similarities to traditional SEO, but there are several different factors at play. Unlike traditional SEO, local SEO focuses on helping area customers find your business, and a successful local SEO strategy can make a world of difference. Here are 10 significant benefits of a well implemented and adequately implanted local SEO strategy.

  1. Increased customer traffic: When you run a local business, everyone who comes through your doors is a potential sale and a possible lifelong customer. Local SEO helps drive real-world traffic, so you can boost your profits and build your brand.
  2. Better lead generation: Quality leads can make a world of difference to local businesses, and local SEO can provide those leads. Quality local SEO can jump-start your sales efforts and help your salespeople close more deals than before.
  3. More targeted advertising: Local advertising is expensive, and local SEO can help you target those dollars more precisely. Targeted advertising can reduce your costs and make every dollar you spend work harder.
  4. Better branding: Building a brand takes time, but local SEO can jump start your efforts and help you better serve your customer. Whether you operate online or off, your brand is your business, and local SEO can help you make the most of it.
  5. Higher returns on your marketing investment: The right marketing can make a world of difference, and local SEO can provide higher returns on your limited marketing dollars.
  6. Increased website traffic: A well-implemented local SEO strategy can boost traffic to your website and help you attract customers.
  7. Less wasted time: When you run your own business, time is money. Quality SEO helps you make the most of your time by avoiding non-local leads. If you run a car wash in Napier, responding to inquiries from Auckland is a waste of time. Local SEO can weed out those irrelevant results and more precisely target your efforts.
  8. Makes tracking results easier: Tracking your marketing efforts is essential, and local SEO can help you do just that. Local SEO allows business owners to know where their customers are coming from, right down to the ZIP code.
  9. Lets you stand out from the competition: If you want to be successful, you need to stay one step ahead of the competition. A robust local SEO strategy can help you stand out, so you can get a leg up on your competitors and be more successful.
  10. Boosts community visibility: As a local business, you are part of the community, and a successful local SEO strategy can give your community profile the boost it needs.

Local SEO can take many different forms. A local SEO company like caddie will analyse your existing customer base to identify your ideal buyer. We may examine what your competitors are doing, learning from what they are doing right and avoiding what they are doing wrong. We would engage in keyword research to determine what search terms your ideal customer is seeking. In the end, these strategies converge to drive local customers through your doors so that you can enjoy the significant benefits listed above.

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