5 Tips to Generate More Leads from Your Site



Having a website isn’t enough to generate leads. You need a good landing page, content, and the right HTML elements to entice users into buying your product or contacting you for more information. Even if you already built your site and believe it’s perfect, make sure you implement these five tips for optimal lead generation.

1) Evaluate Your Current Lead Generation Pages and Set New Goals

Before you start optimising your pages, you need to evaluate your current conversion rate. How many leads do you generate now from your pages? A 2-3% conversion rate is considered decent. A 5% conversion rate is considered excellent.

Determine which pages convert well and which ones don’t generate many leads. With a list of pages, you can then determine the ones that must be optimised. You can also prioritise pages based on products and revenue.

2) Optimize the Conversion Paths on Your Pages

You need to understand users and evaluate the path it takes to sign up or buy product. For instance, suppose you have a blog page that talks about the advantages of red widgets. You then have a link that takes users to couches. You likely lose your lead at this point in the sales funnel.

You want to create a sales funnel that takes users from your content to your product landing pages. Evaluate any pages that have poor linking structure and change links to point to relevant pages on your site.

3) Improve Calls-to-Action

A call-to-action is a button, image, or text that tells the user what to do next. It’s the guide that takes the user from interest in your content to signing up as a customer. Many website owners lose customers just because they have no instructions for them after they read content.

A  call-to-action should stand out from your content and tell the user what button to click to sign up or how to add product to their carts. It should be a clear statement that usually starts with a verb. Some call-to-action phrases include “Buy Now”, “Add to Cart”, or “Sign Up Here”.

4) Test Your Optimised Pages

You don’t know if your optimised content will improve lead generation or make it even worse. The only way to test your changes is to compare your original page with the new page using A/B testing. A/B tests serve the original page sometimes and serve the alternative page other times. It gives you a variety of data that you can use to then determine which version of your pages increase lead generation.

5) Keep In Contact with Leads

Not every visitor to your site will turn into a customer, but you can keep any lead information and use it for promotional emails. Using a CRM tool (Customer Relationship Management) like Hubspot’s free CRM can help you maintain customer relationships as well as keep in touch with leads at regular intervals.

Don’t send too many emails that put your domain on a spam list, but send one or two to follow-up and offer promotional rates to new customers. It’s a good way to turn a stale lead into a revenue-generating customer.

Finding the right layout and content isn’t easy. It takes several tests and optimisation techniques before you find the best conversion rate. If your ads don’t produce many conversions, it could be that your content and calls-to-action aren’t optimised well.

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