4 ways to get results from your website



Whatever reason you have for investing in your website, it’s important to know that your money is going to deliver. Being online is expected by most customers today – so how will you make it work for your business? Here are 4 ways to make sure the money you put into your website delivers results.

1. Understand your target audience
Have you defined your target audience? Creating a user friendly website is a great way to get results. Users of different age and experience interact with websites in different ways, so you should start by making it easy for your target audience to explore your product or service.

2. Set clear targets
Saying what you want to deliver is one of the best ways to achieve results. Your website should be supporting your business plan. Take some time up front to define what you want your website to do.

Are you selling products or exploring services? How do you want customers to react? Should they pick up the phone or join your database?

Once you’ve defined success, your website can be structured to deliver on your targets. Use Google Analytics to track the behaviour of your customers and make sure you’re getting the right results.

3. Get the right content
You may know your business back to front but have you got the skills to sell what you do in words? Great content will tell the story of your product and service as a series of benefits that your customers won’t want to live without.

Content is a great way to refresh your existing website or to simply connect with your customers. With a focus on SEO it can also increase the chances of your business being found.

4. Be trusted
Making your website secure is not just about protecting your identity and your customers’ details. It’s also about letting the Search Engines know that your website can be trusted. Search Engines will not give you a good ranking if they don’t trust your identity.

Investing in a website today means investing in the right security certificates and validation. If you’re looking for good results from your website then you need to be found. If you’d like to know more just give Caddie a call: we’ll be happy to help.


Your website should be contributing to your business. It’s another member of your sales team and offers an important marketing tool to connect your customers with your brand. If you’re concerned that you don’t know how your website is performing: talk to Caddie.

Caddie believe in delivering intelligent solutions online. We use our expertise to make it easy to get a return on the investment that you put into your website. Our focus is on delivering real results that have a positive impact on your business performance.

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