Covid 19 Update

Connecting with us within the COVID Protection Framework

The team at caddie digital are based in Hawke’s Bay and Gisborne. We are always happy to meet with you via Google or Zoom, or talk over the phone to manage your project and stay in touch. 

at RED

At RED you are welcome to visit us in our offices if you have an appointment. We will ask you to please wear a mask.

If you there is any risk that you may have COVID or you are feeling unwell, we do ask that we manage contact remotely to protect our team and the other users of our building.


Supporting your business within the COVID Protection Framework

Since the arrival of COVID, caddie has been helping clients clearly communicate with their customers to keep them informed and safe.

Our clients enjoy proactive project management of their needs so communication doesn’t need to get in the way of the many challenges of running a business during COVID.

Email, social media and website content are effective tools to make sure your customers stay connected to your safety protocols. We can help you choose the right communication strategy to keep your customers informed without bombarding them with unwanted messages.

Connect with us today for help with your COVID communications

Our team are fully vaccinated

The team at caddie digital are fully vaccinated against COVID – for the protection of our families and yours. If you would like to see our vaccine passes when we visit your premises or you visit ours; please let us know.

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