Is your website ready for a redesign?


Digital technology is constantly evolving. As it changes, so does the way that your customers interact online. More people are using the internet to gather information and shop than ever before. Is your website reaching them?

With a rapidly changing marketplace, it can be hard to keep up. Investing in your website is essential to online success. An up-to-date website can improve or maintain your SEO and site performance; optimise your user experience; speed up your loading rates; and improve your security.

Redesigning your website changes the code, content, structure and visuals. If you’re not sure if you’re ready to redesign, we’ve shortlisted some reasons why you might want to make a change.

1. Your website looks tired

You wouldn’t invite your customers into a store with worn fittings and furniture. Updating your website is just as important as updating your physical address. Customers are less likely to shop from a business that doesn’t look up-to-date. If their needs change and your website doesn’t evolve to match them you will find you’re missing out on vital sales.

2. Your user experience needs a refresh

New technology has been designed to make it easier for people to browse and shop online. With more than 60% of customers now browsing on mobile it’s important that your website can adapt.

Smart websites can deliver quick and easy payment options, seamless account management, and voice search and multimedia information sharing so your content really is available to meet your client’s needs.


3. Your audience’s needs have changed

Your customers have been through lockdowns and working from home. Even the most stalwart of users can now complete a grocery shop online. Click and collect has just become an easier way to do business. If you haven’t updated the functionality of your website to meet your customer’s expectations then you could be missing out.

4. Your website doesn’t represent your business

It doesn’t take long for your business to change. Your products and services can change; you might move address; your team can grow, you can hire new people or lose staff; and new competitors can come into the marketplace.

If your website hasn’t changed to reflect the changes your business is experiencing then you could be missing the opportunity to sell effectively to your customers.

5. Your customers are not converting

Website analytics are an important part of measuring the success of your online offering. If you’re driving high volumes of customers to your website but that isn’t translating into sales; it could be time for a redesign.

Installing services like HotJar on your website can allow you to track customer behaviour and understand if your website design is getting in the way of sales. Take a close look at your numbers and you could find an opportunity to grow your business with a smart redesign.

6. Your home page doesn’t work for your customers

A high bounce rate happens when customers reach your website and leave without interacting with the page. This can happen because the information your customers are searching for isn’t visible or your home page content doesn’t match their needs.

Either way, a high bounce rate is a sign that you have opportunities to connect more effectively with the customers visiting your website. A website redesign can help you turn those lost customers into sales for your business.

7. Your website isn’t meeting your customers’ needs

There are a wide range of reasons why your website may not be meeting your customers’ needs. Your users may tap out if your page is too slow to load; information is too hard to find; a purchase is too complicated to complete; or they are concerned about security on your website. Redesigning your website could give you the opportunity to fix all of these issues.

8. Your website doesn’t work on mobile devices

Since 2016 more people access the internet from mobiles than from desktop computers. The rise of mobile browsing has been quick and if you haven’t evolved to meet the needs of your mobile customers, they could be struggling to interact with your business.

If your website is more than 5 years old that probably means you haven’t got the mobile functionality that you need. Even for more recent websites your customers may be struggling to enjoy the flexibility to do everything they want to do online. A redesign can solve your mobile functionality challenges.

9. Your website is not SEO friendly

Google constantly updates its algorithms to make sure it’s serving the most user-friendly website through its search engine. For businesses like yours, that means the 500+ algorithm changes Google makes a year are measuring your website for what your customer considers to be important.

Mobile functionality, speed to load, interactions, relevance of content, regular updates to visuals and content, bounce rates, volumes of traffic. These are all factors that Google uses to measure your website and where you appear in a search ranking. If you want to perform in search, you have to design your website to perform for your customers’ needs.

If your website is ready for a redesign you probably knew it before you read this article. Building a website is only the first step in connecting with your customers online. Once your website is live it needs ongoing care and maintenance to make sure it stays relevant.

Planning regular redesigns can keep your website looking and functioning the way your customers need it to. Caddie digital are experts in web design and content marketing. We can help you review your existing website and use your analytic data to quantify exactly how it’s performing. Using hard data is a powerful way to understand if you need to invest in change.

Contact our team today and let’s take a closer look at your opportunities to grow online.

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